Watermain Specialists

Welcome to Watertap Inc.

Watertap, Inc. was formed after purchasing the company from the well-known and well-respected Mr. Capoccia (Ernie) in April 1997. We are a full service organization specializing in watermain construction serving municipalities, underground and mechanical contractors. We are members of the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) and were members of the former Association of Underground Contractors (AUC). Located in the metro Detroit area, we service all of Michigan. We provide our customers with quality workmanship and problem-solving abilities with a very quick response time. 


If you have an emergency need, you can call our hotline and get your issue expedited.



Line Stops

Line stops are a temporary shut down that enables  municipalities or contractors to cut and cap, install  valves or Ts, etc. allowing municipalities to maintain  full water provisions for its customers.


Valve Insertions

The Insta-Valve is a full stainless steel valve insertion.  It is a single hole excavation allowing valve insertion  with gatewell or road box.


Live Taps

All sizes available. Taps are performed on watermain,  forced sewer, chilled water lines, steam lines and glycol  lines. Types of pipe that we tap include ductile iron,  cast iron, asbestos concrete and pre-stressed concrete.